Furry Critters with iPhones

I have come to the realization that I have way too many pics of hot guys on my iPod Touch that need to be used in some creative fashion….so here are some hairy hotties that I decided to incorporate into a Desktop Wallpaper design. I’ve been accumulating these pics for quite a while, but if my memory is correct….I’m pretty sure most of these sexy guys are from “Jack’d”, which is a social networking app for gay men. It is incredible to me how many beautiful men are out there ūüôā

App review: Censor Booth

There are plenty of apps that let you alter your pics with a fun collection of “stickers”, and this is one of them. To demo the app, I altered some hot screen grabs from my “Social Networking” apps.

Although this app is not unique in terms of type or function, it does offer a fun twist on the concept. There’s a good variety of “stickers” you can choose to censor a naughty pic, or make an innocent pic look like one that had to be censored.

Good functionality that includes saving your altered photo back to your phone, attaching to e-mail, our post to Facebook.

App Review: Flowpaper (for iPhone/iTouch)

I think Apps for drawing, photo manipulation, and design would have to be my favorite category.¬†¬† Flowpaper is an App for making very interesting “line art” designs.¬†¬† In the images below, I have layered these designs with hot guys using SketchBookX.¬†¬†¬† I hope you like:
Dark Mystery
Hunk in white trunks
Where's Waldo?

Lusting after your friend’s friends on Facebook….is it a sin?

OK, I confess….every now and then I’ve just had to sneak a peek at profiles of people who are¬†connected to my friends on Facebook.¬†¬†¬†I’ve learned that some of my friends know some SERIOUS HOTTIES that I regret not knowing!¬†¬† They say lust is a sin, and I’m guilty.¬†¬† I have to imagine that this is pretty common…..isnt’ Facebook just a¬†way of being a cyber-voyeur?¬† It’s really the perfect crime….you can peek into the lives of people you don’t even know….and they never know you’ve even been there….

Well this was my guilty pleasure today. Since I don’t know him personally…I’ve given him a little disguise via free app FriendPic:

Now you must understand that he has a very cute face….that’s not the reason I’m covering it up! It just doesn’t seem quite right to repost a picture from somebody else’s Facebook profile without obscuring the face at lease somewhat.

Here’s another pic I made with the same subject….made with a myriad of apps on my Itouch:

Sexy Devil

Of course I could do something much better on my desktop computer….but I think this is rather fun considering it was done entirely with Free Apps and my chubby finger on the tiny screen of a Itouch.

App Review: Fluid FX

It’s always a pleasant surprise to find fun apps that are free. Fluid FX comes loaded with fun effects you can apply to it’s pre-loaded images or to any image from your photo library. Have you ever wanted to set your boss on fire?…well now you can ūüėČ

The effects are in 3 basic categories: fire, smoke, and distortion. You can also take snapshots from the app back to your photo library…here’s some fun I had playing with Fluid FX:

App Reviews: Scruff and TrippingFest

For anyone that follows my blog, let me apologize for not making posting much this month….it’s been a crazy &¬†busy time for me lately, and there has been very little free time available for blogging.

I’ve been meaning¬†to write a review on a great Social Networking App availabe¬†in the App Store…it’s called Scruff.¬†¬† Scruff’s functionality¬†is very similar to Grindr, but for a different type of guy.¬†¬† For¬†a hairy forty-something guy like me, it’s a welcome entry to the growing number of apps designed for guys who want to use their mobile devices for cruising and chatting.¬†¬† While the Grindr¬†universe is heavily populated by the young and beautiful (and those who are trying to score with that crowd),¬† Scruff’s audience seems to have a higher average user¬†age and is definitely¬†more hairy than the Grindr¬†crowd.¬†¬† It does offer some unique functions that Grindr¬†w0uld be wise to imitate in their next version.¬†¬†In Scruff, you are not limited to viewing guys that are geographically closest to you.¬†¬† You can browse users in other cities, which is really quite handy.¬†¬† Suppose you are traveling to New York City tomorrow, and you’d like to preview guys there and start some chats before you leave home…just do a search of users in New York and get a head start.¬†¬† That’s certainly something you can’t do with the current version of Grindr.¬†¬† You can also click on¬†a tab to view guys online regardless of their location….kinda neat if you are just looking to chat and don’t care about close they are to your location.¬† Of course you can view guys that are nearest to you, as in Grindr, but unlike Grindr, you can also see who has been viewing your profile.¬† And finally, you can send somebody a “Woof”, just to let them know you think they’re hot, but you don’t have anything to say.¬† It’s a great app, and if you like bears you should check it out.

TrippingFest is a fun app for drawing very cool geometric designs.   You can draw on a blank background, or you can draw over photos from your album.

Here are some hot guys I found on Scruff, with some designs added withTrippingFest.

Hot Bear in a Cold Climate

Hypnotize Me!