Lusting after your friend’s friends on Facebook….is it a sin?

OK, I confess….every now and then I’ve just had to sneak a peek at profiles of people who are connected to my friends on Facebook.   I’ve learned that some of my friends know some SERIOUS HOTTIES that I regret not knowing!   They say lust is a sin, and I’m guilty.   I have to imagine that this is pretty common…..isnt’ Facebook just a way of being a cyber-voyeur?  It’s really the perfect crime….you can peek into the lives of people you don’t even know….and they never know you’ve even been there….

Well this was my guilty pleasure today. Since I don’t know him personally…I’ve given him a little disguise via free app FriendPic:

Now you must understand that he has a very cute face….that’s not the reason I’m covering it up! It just doesn’t seem quite right to repost a picture from somebody else’s Facebook profile without obscuring the face at lease somewhat.

Here’s another pic I made with the same subject….made with a myriad of apps on my Itouch:

Sexy Devil

Of course I could do something much better on my desktop computer….but I think this is rather fun considering it was done entirely with Free Apps and my chubby finger on the tiny screen of a Itouch.

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