Eliad Cohen – one of the sexiest men on the planet!

I can scarcely remember the last time I saw a man so sexy that I could not find enough images or videos of him.    How do I lust for Eliad Cohen…..let me the count the ways!  I love the beautiful fur on his manly chest.    I love the scruff on his chiseled jaw.   I love his full lips and his dark eyes.   I love his strong, muscled arms….and I would love them even more if they were around me 🙂

IMHO, this man is an 11.5 on the hot scale of 1 to 10.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve been this  “in lust”  with somebody since drooling over Colt Model Steve Kelso in the 1990’s.

It was hard to pick the best picture I found of Eliad to feature in this post, but I think I will have to go with this one:

This was a cover shot for the Spanish gay magazine Oh My God.    It was the first picture I saw of him, so perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to it.   You must admit his chest looks particularly sexy in this pic,  plus it’s more creative than your typical model photo.

I have spent about two hours finding all things Eliad on the internet, so perhaps I’ll feature more in a future post 😉

Lady Gaga – Born This Way vs. Madonna – Express Yourself

I’ve been reading some negative comments about Lady Gaga’s latest song “Born This Way”…. and the main criticism seems to center on it being too similar to Madonna’s “Express Yourself”.

I can definitely see similarity between these two songs from a structural and tempo standpoint, but that’s not a satisfactory reason for disliking a song.  I don’t really understand all the Gaga haters out there.  It’s not like Madonna has been doing much lately, and I welcome that Lady Gaga wants to pick up the mantle to be the Pop Diva of this generation.
One more point…this isn’t the only song of Lady Gaga’s that bears resemblance to Madonna (Alejandro reminds me a lot of Isla Bonita).  Madonna is great, why wouldn’t other artists be inspired by her (either consciously or subconsciously).  That said, Gaga has plenty of songs that are entirely different from anything of Madonna’s.
I’ve got mad love and appreciation for both of these Artists, and liking one of them shouldn’t mean you have to dislike the other….

YouTube – Lady Gaga – Born This Way vs. Madonna – Express Yourself.

Lady Gaga Photo Irks Beatles Fans – Stop The Presses!

The Lady Gaga haters out there really need to get a life.  You’d think Lady Gaga broke into Yoko’s apartment and had sex on the piano.  Outrage over this…..REALLY.  If you’re going to be outraged, be outraged over something important, like BP turning the Gulf of Mexico into a toxic toilet of oil and chemicals…..

Lady Gaga Photo Irks Beatles Fans – Stop The Presses!.