App Review: DoodleBuddy

DoodleBuddy is one of the apps I’ve had on my Itouch the longest, and if you ever need to entertain a small child with your IPhone or ITouch, this is a great one to have. In addition to freehand drawing capability, you get a nice bank of stamps to apply to your creations, or to an existing photo in your library. A feature unique to this app is that the stamps have sound effects that absolutely delighted my young nieces when I was recently entertaining them with my Itouch. The latest update added a text tool as well as speech/thought bubbles, which made a great enhancement to the original app. Another great feature with DoodleBuddy is a “smudge” tool, which is surprisingly absent (and missed), from some of my more sophisticated drawing apps.

Here is a little fun I had using DoodleBuddy on a Grindr profile:

2 thoughts on “App Review: DoodleBuddy

  1. Ah, the clouds part and the sun beats down on the suddenly enlightened reader! Alas, it is all too clear now. After seeing the above image I know exactly why you’ve been having trouble with Grindr. Is there something in the water in Orlando?

    • I should clarify, the speech bubble I added had nothing to do with a real Grindr profile…there was nothing in his profile that said anything like that. Unfortunately, I can’t say it would surprise me to find one that did say that…and I could imagine some of the bigger egos that use this app to be thinking it.

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