App Reviews: Scruff and TrippingFest

For anyone that follows my blog, let me apologize for not making posting much this month….it’s been a crazy & busy time for me lately, and there has been very little free time available for blogging.

I’ve been meaning to write a review on a great Social Networking App availabe in the App Store…it’s called Scruff.   Scruff’s functionality is very similar to Grindr, but for a different type of guy.   For a hairy forty-something guy like me, it’s a welcome entry to the growing number of apps designed for guys who want to use their mobile devices for cruising and chatting.   While the Grindr universe is heavily populated by the young and beautiful (and those who are trying to score with that crowd),  Scruff’s audience seems to have a higher average user age and is definitely more hairy than the Grindr crowd.   It does offer some unique functions that Grindr w0uld be wise to imitate in their next version.  In Scruff, you are not limited to viewing guys that are geographically closest to you.   You can browse users in other cities, which is really quite handy.   Suppose you are traveling to New York City tomorrow, and you’d like to preview guys there and start some chats before you leave home…just do a search of users in New York and get a head start.   That’s certainly something you can’t do with the current version of Grindr.   You can also click on a tab to view guys online regardless of their location….kinda neat if you are just looking to chat and don’t care about close they are to your location.  Of course you can view guys that are nearest to you, as in Grindr, but unlike Grindr, you can also see who has been viewing your profile.  And finally, you can send somebody a “Woof”, just to let them know you think they’re hot, but you don’t have anything to say.  It’s a great app, and if you like bears you should check it out.

TrippingFest is a fun app for drawing very cool geometric designs.   You can draw on a blank background, or you can draw over photos from your album.

Here are some hot guys I found on Scruff, with some designs added withTrippingFest.

Hot Bear in a Cold Climate

Hypnotize Me!

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