Study of a furry Greek chest :-P

I love hairy men. I love Greek men. This guy is a gorgeous combination of both!

I couldn’t resist creating this sexy wallpaper using a combination of photo overlays with Android app Pixlr Express. These overlays look like light is dancing over his beautiful chest….much like my fingers would like to be doing. 🙂

Android App Review: Pixlr Express


As I’ve stated in prior app reviews, Photo Editing apps are “a dime a dozen”. I saw this one today and decided to give it a try. I have to say I’m impressed both with it’s intuitive interface (easy to learn and use), as well as with the array of creative filters. The picture featured above is the end result of my first stab at playing around with the tools. Of course it includes the basic photo editing functions (crop, rotate, flip, blur, sharpen, etc.), but also has some very sophisticated correction features that I’m surprised to see in a app for Tablets/smartphones. It also has a great selection of sharing functions, in fact, I launched this directly into WordPress from Pixlr Express. But what’s even more important than having good sharing options is being able to create things that are worth sharing!! Yep, I think this one will get a lot of use. 🙂

Here are some other creations:



I would like to see image resizing capability, as well as ability to add text….but those are minor criticisms for what is otherwise an excellent FREE app.

A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste….

So I was trying to pass some time on a long car drive last weekend, and decided to have a little fun drawing on a picture I found on the internet. I drew the bandana, sunglasses, harness, armband, and cock with a great little Android app called PicsArt. I was also able to add the text using the same app.

What do you think of my “makeover”? I’m also showing the original photo so you can let me know. He is pretty hot without my “embellishments”….but I think he looks especially sexy in my harness and bandanna, don’t you? 😉


Android app review: FreeHand

The attached image was created with a cool Android app that lets you create mixed media pages out of image files, text, handwriting, and freehand drawings.  I really like the flexibility it provides. There’s definitely a learning curve involved….you have to put in some time to practice using the tools in order to get the desired output.  I think it would be a great app for making a personal digital diary/journal.

Click on the image to view a larger sample.