Too Cool! 54 “Colorized” Photos From Last Century…The One Of Albert Einstein Will Blow You Away

Usually when I look at pictures of men from earlier eras, I find it remarkable how scrawny and generally “unsexy” they are compared to modern era men.  When I saw this colorized black and white image from 1939, I was shocked with the sexiness exuded by this lumber worker…..

A Naughty Christmas wallpaper for my readers

PicsArt_1387688758443.jpg, originally uploaded by funhunter44.

I had this concept for a wallpaper using two of the “Pornaments” featured in my last post. I thought I would have to do this on my desktop computer, but to my great surprise this was fairly easy to do with Sketchbook on my Android tablet.
Whether you are planning on being Naughty or Nice, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂