Some recent thoughts about online cruising PLUS your Furry Critters du Jour

After what seemed like several irritating weeks (or longer) of being frustrated by the lack of good prospects on Grindr, A4A (, and other similar online chat/cruise sites, it would seem that maybe my luck has changed!  I can’t quite explain why.  Maybe the stars have realigned and favored my Zodiac sign with better luck in the “social networking” category.  Maybe somebody spiked the local water supply with some Prozac.  Perhaps I’m merely in a better frame of mind, and my newfound positivity is shining through my online chats.  If it is the later, it would probabably be because my blogging buddy Greg of Superversity observed that my posts on Grindr were not creating a good impression of the app, begging the question of why I’m constantly banging my head on this proverbial “brick wall” called Grindr.  I guess I do have the all-too-common tendancy of focusing on the negative aspects of something.  For one thing, if I deleted Grindr from my ITouch, I wouldn’t enjoy the exquisite pleasure of finding local guys that look like this:

Recently seen on Grindr - love that Torso Fur!!!

But ICandy aside, I have been enjoying the pasttime of online cruising a lot more than usual in the last few days. has particularly delivered of late, giving me some delightful prospects to ponder. I hope not to jinx this optimistic feeling I have about successfully satisfying my baser desires in the near future by writing of it in advance, but I feel that I am quite close to meeting the person attached to this must enticing set of furry buns:

And while I am more than excited just to have one hot option, I have also enjoyed a very nice chat with a guy via the app BoyAhoy that lives in the subdivision neighboring mine with whom there are some shared interests that may lead to a fun future meeting. 

While this recent turn of events is making  my libido very happy, it still doesn’t give me anything favorable to report about Grindr beyond providing a wall of <mostly> good-looking guys to fuel my day dreams.  I’ve yet to meet anyone via this app, and I’d still have to say that the majority of guys I’ve encountered there are significantly less than friendly or even minimally polite.  I have learned to manage expectations in this app…if you expect people to be rude or unresponsive, then you can be pleasantly surprised when somebody isn’t.  I find myself getting much less frustrated with the Grindr crowd by automatically abandoning the chat when somebody demands a pic in their first reply to a “hello”.   Perhaps if everyone did this, these rude offenders would start to learn a little about civility and online etiquette.

2 thoughts on “Some recent thoughts about online cruising PLUS your Furry Critters du Jour

  1. I would probably answer any guy who requested my picture before even a small chat by responding, “i’m sorry, I don’t provide a picture until I am assured you have something over 8 inches and like to harpoon butt.” Personally, I am neither a size queen or a bottom, but something snappy in reply is always better than just hanging it up.

    It sounded to me like your local Grindr crowd had cornered the market on unsociable assholes. Hopefully, the latest trend may be moving you in a favorable direction and you will finally meet Mr. Right Now, if not Mr. Right. You have made such large investment of time and energy it would be nice to see it finally produce some ripe, hairy, and horny fruit to play with. Good fortune!

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