A Tribute To Rob Gronkowski’s Hot Naked Bod

As we approach Superbowl weekend, what could be more timely than a link to check out some hot and fun pics of New England Patriot’s Tight End Rob Gronkowski on Buzzfeed!
A Tribute To Rob Gronkowski’s Hot Naked Bod.

this gives me a good idea for my next post…. something on Tom Brady, perhaps? I particularly loved seeing him talk about his balls in recent press conference on the “DeflateGate” scandal.

Could You Say No To Lucas Fernandes? via Gay Body Blog

So handsome, and I would dearly love to pinch and suck his nipples!




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Too Cool! 54 “Colorized” Photos From Last Century…The One Of Albert Einstein Will Blow You Away


Usually when I look at pictures of men from earlier eras, I find it remarkable how scrawny and generally “unsexy” they are compared to modern era men.  When I saw this colorized black and white image from 1939, I was shocked with the sexiness exuded by this lumber worker…..