Hunk Du Jour: Matthieu Charneau

Isn’t this a striking young lad!   I love his dark hair and eyes.   And isn’t the treasure trail and shock of pubic hair above the waistband of his undies soooo inviting!   Can’t you imagine running your finger along the outline of his abs before reaching down into that delicious cookie jar!!!!

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Today’s iCandy theme: Hats and Shades

A few local Grindr hotties….from smooth to extra furry. I added the shades and hat to extra furry with FriendPic

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Furry Critter du Jour

Don’t you just love photos or videos on the internet of regular guys showing off their bods?  I can imagine him as a straight guy who wanted to show off his muscles for the ladies, not realizing that he was going to be visually enjoyed by thousands of gay men.  I can also imagine his roommate ready to run out of the bedroom and jerk down those sweat pants to reveal his equipment to the camera…..