Jockstrap Santa

I had to retrieve something from my old desktop computer,  and while there I thought I’d look for one of my older holiday images to post for my readers.   I came across this most beautifully realistic rendering of a nude guy in a red harness and Santa cap.   I’ve had this image for such a long time I don’t remember from where I nabbed it, but I would love to know if anybody recognizes this and can identify the artist.  Because I try to keep things on a “R-rated” basis here, I had to draw on a jockstrap, but for those adults who would like to see him without the jockstrap, click here.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for my long absence from writing for the blog!    Life is definitely keeping me busy these days,  with mostly good things (fortunately).   Speaking of good things….what’s better than a visit from Santa Claus?   How about a visit from FIVE Santas:

But if you could only have one of these hunky Santas visit you on Christmas Eve, who would you choose?    For me the choice is easy, I’d pick number THREE.