Royal Marines calendar 2014

For many, many years one of my favorite Holiday Season traditions was to buy myself a Hunk calendar for the New Year.   I can still remember the first one I purchased at a Spencer’s Gift store at the local mall.  General public’s attitude toward homosexuality was frequently hostile when I was in my youth….and I vividly remember the young female cashier asking “This isn’t for YOU, is it??”.  I was so embarrassed and angry at the same time.   Then into a nearly transparent plastic bag went my new purchase….and I had the nearly impossible task of trying to hide it under my arms as I escaped the mall with my titillating purchase. After that harrowing first experience….I learned to do my calendar shopping at the nearest gay bookstore!

Fortunately times have changed, and the variety of calendars from which to choose is nothing short of amazing. In the early days it was Chippendale’s calendars that targeted a heterosexual female market. Colt Studios was one of the earliest calendars I can remember that was specifically for us (I still have a stack of Steve Kelso and Cal Hardwick calendars in my closet). Then the larger gay porn studios got into the act.

Now some of the most interesting calendars are from groups who are showing skin to raise money for a cause. The first one of this genre that I can remember is the FDNY Calendars. Here is one from the Royal Marines.

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