A long overdue entry to Hall of Shame


I’ve been using Grindr again after a long period of relatively low activity, mainly due to incompatibility with an outdated device I was trying to use with the app.

Now that I have a more current smartphone, I’ve actually scored some hot play, but I’ve also been rediscovering some things that always frustrated me about these and similar apps ….like the general rudeness and lack of basic manners that are characteristic to so many of the users.

I have learned that the best solution to that problem is judicious use of the BLOCK feature.

I have a new rule….if you ask for pics from me, I expect the courtesy of an acknowledgement. Doesn’t mean you have to continue a long conversation…but I’m tired of guys who can’t at least say “thanks” or “got it” or “gotta run” or even “Sorry, you’re not quite my type”. So now I block you if you’re the guy who asks for pics, then disappears without comment once you got them.

Here’s the latest guy I blocked. He is hot…. I’ll give him that…but I won’t be seeing him anymore on Grindr.

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