More Hunks Of Les Dieux du Stade 2014 via Gay Body Blog

I regret not having had time to post anything lately!  This has been such a crazy year for me personally.   I’d have so say I’ve experienced more change in the last 6 months than in the prior 3 or 4 years.   I kinda miss some of the free time I used to have.   I’m definitely working harder and longer than ever before, but I’m also getting better at enjoying what free time I still have.   A lot of time I used to spend Blogging was to fend off boredom….which really isn’t a problem anymore.

I do still enjoy looking at beautiful men, and here are a few footballers who are definitely worthy of reposting. 

This one has the most incredible smile and eyes.   I could just get lost in them!


I think men look so sexy in the shower.  Wouldn’t you live to be a drop of water running down this incredible torso?


This is my 3rd favorite pic from the post.   Very nicely proportioned


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4 thoughts on “More Hunks Of Les Dieux du Stade 2014 via Gay Body Blog

  1. He’s magnifique!

    Glad to see you are still around. Long time between posts. We guys who don’t have lives do blogs. Sounds like that isn’t your case these days.

    • Work has kept me way too busy lately….but hopefully I can start finding a little more time to post, even if it’s just to share some hot guys LOL

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