Artist Profile: J C Etheredge

My last post featured drawings of Disney Hunks and Heroes re-imagined as Underwear Models. In that post I touched on the popularity of erotic ‘toons…and I’m still pondering the reasons this genre of art seems to be enjoying so much attention these days. I think ultimately it’s because like art in general, these drawings are not limited by the constraints of reality. Photography can only capture what actually exists. Even many artists strive for realism in their style. In contrast, artists like Etheredge are limited only by their own imagination…..anything that can be imagined can be drawn. The realities of Biology and Physics can be over-ruled. Guys can have cocks that are that are bigger than life….and any sexual fantasy can be explored, no matter how outrageous or impossible.

Coming out of a year that produced too many brutal tragedies…I can definitely appreciate escaping reality for a while. Come take a romp with me in the creative mind of artist J C Etheredge……a fantasy world filled with super-sexy men in erotic situations that could only exist in imagination.

Here are some of my favorites from Etheredge’s website: This is meant only to provide a sample of his style……and I have covered the “naughtiest bits”….so visit the website to see these in their full x-rated glory!


Heroes overpowered by Zombies in Hotel Hell. I LOVE the expression drawn on the blonde hunk.


Who hasn't had a Pirate fantasy? Anyone?


If a had a mechanic like him, this is how I'd like to pay my bill...


Reminds me of Black's Beach near La Jolla 😉

Here also is a link to an excellent article about this artist:

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