Furry Critters du Jour

I’m featuring two, wonderfully furry finds that I discovered on yet another mesmerizing Tumblr blog called Average joe’s of everyday life:

and with a package like his, I'd walk around in my underwear too!

Hairy Arab Daddy of my Dreams!!!

These two pics are not quite typical of the majority of the those featured on Average joe’s of everyday life, which features a lot of cell phone captures in everyday situations like riding mass transit or walking on the street.   The guys are sexy in a “guy next door” sort of way, but they’re obviously not models.   I do love me some Average Joes, especially when they are freeballing in basketball shorts or gym pants!  There are also some interesting videos featured there which nearly make the voyeur in me squeel with delight, including some strange captures of guys having what looks like anonymous sex in the woods.   Other videos are simply shot of guy’s packages vibrating on the metro,  which I would have to describe as the gay male equivalent of upskirting.   Well if any of this sort of thing interests you, a visit to this blog is worthwhile.

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