Furry Critter du Jour

I recently discovered Tumblr,  and Oh My God…..what I treasure trove of hot hunkness can be found on this blogging platform!   I’ve been checking out quite a few sites hosted by Tumblr, and so far my favorite is There Will Be Dragons, but I must warn you that most of the pictures featured there are erotic content not appropriate for minors and definitely not safe for work.  Consider it XXX-rated.   I could barely pry myself away from the computer because the page just went on and on with one super hot pic, cartoon, or video after the next.    Everytime I thought I was reaching the bottom of the blog webpage, more pictures kept loading.   If anything ever happens to WordPress, I’ll probably move my content over to Tumblr.   If I thought I could keep up with more than one blog, I’d start one there.

I snatched quite a few images there, and I’ll probably be reposting some of them here, but many will remain in my private collection as I try to stick to less risque content on my blog.

The image I’m featuring in today’s post may have come from Tumblr, I can’t remember the source.

The photo I originally downloaded was a washed-out, grainy, color pic.    I made some adjustments attempting to improve the image, and found this Black and White to be much more appealing.   I wonder if this was originally taken as a Profile pic for one of those “social networking” sites for gay men 😉    I love hairy guys with average builds!!!  He may not have washboard abs, but that wouldn’t bother me a bit 😛

Are you a fan of Tumblr….if so, what is your favorite blog there?

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