Furry Critter du Jour: Angelo Peterson (Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer)

Name: Angelo Peterson
Age: 30
Location: New York City, NY
website: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/personal-trainer-of-the-month-angelo-peterson.htm

I’m 100% Greek, and I grew up on the West Coast. I worked as a professional model for 10 years before becoming a trainer. I’ve always been active, but really started focusing on weight training over the past 5 years. Since that time, I’ve transformed my body and I’ve packed on a good 50lbs of muscle. That experience really inspired me to want to learn more and help others transform their bodies and realize their physical health goals. I’ve been a personal trainer ever since.

8 thoughts on “Furry Critter du Jour: Angelo Peterson (Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer)

  1. Awroooooo! Pant . . . pant . . . pant.

    He’s just about perfect.

    But always with the damned tattoos. As if the gorgeous body is somehow incomplete or lacking.

    Anyway, thanks for finding him.

  2. I’m in NYC! Puh-leazeeeee tell me where you train . . . . actually, don’t answer that . . . . I can’t trust myself! Smoking body, stud!

  3. My Last name is Petheryotis, but my parents changed it to Peterson to blend when they immigrated. Thanks for all the nice comments guys, and thanks for the post! if you are interested in training, e mail me at evanpetersnyc@aol.com. 🙂 Angelo

    • If I lived in NYC, I would definitely want to train with you…..you have an incredible build. Thanks for not shaving your body hair off…I think too many guys do that LOL 🙂

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