SketchBookX: best drawing app EVER….now available for Android Tablet Computers :-)


I’ve had my newest technological toy for a little over a month now….an Acer Iconia tablet computer.  I’d been looking at iPads and Tablet computers  for several months, wondering if I would be able to commit to a purchase in a field of products where the next day could mean a new product just made your purchase obsolete.  It was really quite daunting….I kept thinking maybe I should wait to see what hits the market in the remainder of the year.  Were the key players planning to throw out that “must-have” entry for Christmas 2011?

While doing some browsing at a Best Buy store, a sales associate encouraged me to take a look at the Acer Iconia.  I was favorably impressed, especially by the 5 megapixel camera with a flash and auto-focus.  The lessor quality of iPad’s camera, and the significantly higher price of Ipad, made the Acer look like a great option.  I already have an iTouch (2nd Generation without camera), so the main things I wanted to get in my new device were a camera, a larger screen, and a browser that could properly display websites with Flash

I’ll admit to some initial disappointments.  My first browsing experiences were aggravating.   Websites were detecting the Android operating system and sending the versions of their website that are designed for the small screen of a Smartphone.   What good is it to have a Tablet-sized screen if you can’t view the website properly?  Fortunately, I found the answer to this problem at (20-essential-android-honeycomb-tips-and-tricks).   Once I made a few tweaks, the internet browsing experience was significantly more satisfying.

And then there was the issue of Apps.   I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the relatively weak offering of Apps designed for Android Tablet computers.   In using the word “relatively” here, I mean relative to the plethora of Apps available for Ipad.   I knew that Apple has a overwhelming lead here, but I did expect more Apps than I found in the Android Marketplace.

But things are slowly getting better in that department.   I was thrilled to find SketchbookX for my Tablet recently.  It’s by far the best free drawing app I’ve found for my iTouch, so I quickly downloaded this free gem to my Acer Iconia.   I would have been happy if it had worked just as good as the version for iPhone/iTouch,  so imagine how pleased I was to find that it has functions and tools that are not on my iTouch’s SketchbookX.   The image featured in this post results from my first “playing around” with the app.   I was simply experimenting with the different tools and features….so no real artistic intent is expressed in this [I don’t know why I feel the need to say this….it’s fairly obvious, isn’t it  🙂 ].

In conclusion, if you have an Android Tablet Computer, and you are looking for a good (and free) drawing App, you need look no further than SketchbookX.

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