Jack Mackenroth’s new ‘baskit’ — Project Q Atlanta

Special thanks to two of my blog readers who took the time to comment on one of my earlier posts (Yum, Yum, gimme some…..), informing me of the identity of the guy I featured in that post.    Of course, I had to search for more images of this sensational model, and come across one that is even better than the one I previously featured.  I must say that Jack’s hotness leaves me speechless (and that’s quite hard to do unless you put something hard in my mouth HA HA).

Jack Mackenroth

If I had known that guys this hot were featured in Project Runway…. I might have taken an interest in watching.   But perhaps it’s best I didn’t know, because the absolute LAST thing I need in life is for another reality television show to get me hooked!

Follow the link below for more pics of Jack, some with facial hair, some sans beard.   I must say I find him irresistible with a furry face!!

Monday: Jack Mackenroth’s new ‘baskit’ — Project Q Atlanta.

2 thoughts on “Jack Mackenroth’s new ‘baskit’ — Project Q Atlanta

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