All good things must come to an end…some parting thoughts on Survivor 2011

I can’t believe I haven’t written a new post to my blog in 3 weeks!  I do have my excuses.  I was on a most excellent vacation the first week of May, then I had to do some business travel, and then my allergies decided to go on full-scale attack, so this is really the first chance I’ve had in quite some time.  

I’ve been meaning to do a blog post on Survivor ever since two of the contestants really caught my eye.   There’s always at least one super-hottie, but they usually get eliminated too early in the season.  This season the guys I loved watching were Grant Mattos, a former National Football League wide receiver; and Mike Chiesl, an Iraqi War Veteran.  Fortunately both survived long into the season, giving me lots of opportunity to lust over their muscular physiques. 

I’m hard pressed to say who was the sexier of the two.   Grant was a monster in the physical challenges, and also had quite the “bromance” going with fellow contestant and ultimate winner:  Rob Mariano.    Mike didn’t dominate in the challenges, but I particularly enjoyed watching his facial hair grow.   He looked particularly hot to me about half-way into the season.   Given 5 minutes to cuddle with only one of them, I think I’d have to go with Grant, despite the fact that I don’t normally go for guys with dreadlocks (but these were replaced by a much more attractive hair cut in the season finale).   That said, I would not kick Mike out of bed either!   While both guys seemed unusually sensitive for a footballer and a military man, Grant has married since the season was shot, and I got no vibes that Mike was gay either.   So much for fantasizing about dating them! 

Outside of giving us some truly awesome eye-candy,  this season of Survivor was the most anti-climatic that I can remember in the history of the TV show.   Thanks to Rob Mariano’s Svengali-like nature in the game, anyone that had even a remote chance of being a threat to him was eliminated the minute such threat became evident.   The final 3 Survivors standing were Rob and two of his most loyal but mindless followers: Natalie and Phillip.   Let me just say that both Natalie and Phillip were two of most pathetic players in all of Survivor history…neither giving anyone a reason to vote for them to win the $1 million prize since both of them did nothing but ride Rob’s coat tails and do whatever he told them to do. 

So between Grant and Mike, who do you think is the sexiest?

who is the sexiest Male from Survivor Nicaragua

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