“The Adonis Factor”, a eye-opening documentary by Christopher Hines

I recently watched “The Adonis Factor” on the Logo Channel, and f0und it quite thought-provoking.   In my blog I feature lots of guys that I find exceptionally attractive.  After watching this documentary, I had concerns about contributing to the glorification of a physical image that many gay men (including myself) find impossible to attain, and a standard that some other men drive themselves nearly crazy trying to maintain.  Let me state for the record that  I do NOT think that muscles or any other physical attribute is the measure of manhood, nor should it be the most important characteristic by which one is judged.  Unfortunately beautiful character, generous spirts, and kind hearts do not have any physical manifestations that can be photographed and featured in a visually-oriented blog or website….but obviously these characterisics have immeasurable value that far exceed that of large pecs and washboard abs

I think many of us would be able to identify with the frustration and pain of feeling that they are at best invisible and at worst outcast in a community that seems to notice only those that are among the “A-list” of the hot, sexy, and uber-masculine.  I know that I have.  Unfortunately, I must also confess that I have been guilty of shallowness in some of my encounters with others (particularly in online environments).   In that regard,  I feel that I am both victim and vitimizer when it comes to physical standards.

I don’t mean to imply that we should refrain from expression and appreciation of the features of the male form that excite and delight us….but we must NOT become so obsessed with these things that we are blind to the characteristics that really matter.   We must also be careful that our pursuit of physical attraction does not lead us to be callous and unconcerned about the feelings of others.

After watching this film, I sensed a real need for us to be kinder to one another, and particularly to those who are often marginalized within our community.  It would be my hope that other viewers agree…

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