2 thoughts on “mmmmmmmmmmmMacho!

  1. This guy is no more a biker than you and me are bikers. He just looks sexier in biker drag with a pretty bike alongside him. There are no really fit and handsome bikers that I’ve ever encountered and I’ve seen a slew over the years. They live hard, play hard and could give a fuck about keeping up appearances. Still, it’s not fantasy.

    • You are probably right about this guy….a photographer figured with his hairy chest he’d look hot dressed up like a Biker. I don’t know if I would totally agree with you that there are no hot bikers. Most of them do look “rode hard and put away wet”, but I have seen younger guys on motorcycles who were hot. Maybe I get to see more of them since I live near Daytona Beach where they congregate during annual Bike Week events 🙂

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