5 thoughts on “Two very different hunks featured today

  1. Aaah, different strokes. I all depends on chemistry and attraction. I’m not crazy about tattoos, but that wouldn’t stop me from going for a guy I liked the look of and, unless I’m in teacher mode, I’d rather play with the pros.

    But, frankly, these days I am entirely less picky than I once could afford to be. I just love men period.

    • Yes, I can relate to what you say about being less picky now than you could be in younger days. My taste in men has broadened over time, but I’m still fairly picky…it just means less sex than I used to get when I was younger. The younger guys I would be interested in don’t seem to have any interest in older men, and yet I have several friends older than me who have hot young boyfriends!

    • You know that honestly didn’t occur to me when I posted this pic….but you are absolutely right. I wish I was the one giving 😀

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