Here’s looking at you…

Today’s “Hunk du Jour” is Adrian Colyn, found on   Man, is he gorgeous….   And something about this pose is so arousing.  I only recently discovered that there are quite a few guys that are turned on by armpits, and I’ve also recently discovered that I’m one of those guys. 

Does this exposed armpit make you horny? For me, yes!

In fact, a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to explore that erogenous zone on a guy I met via Grindr.   He was reclining on a sofa and was in a pose much like this model, and I couldn’t resist giving his pits a lick.   Unfortunately when my tongue hit that area I discovered just how utterly unpleasant tasting deodorant can be.   He really loved the feeling, and directed me to the other armpit where my tongue made contact yet again with a heavy dose of deodorant.  If I ever decide to try that again…I’m going to have to make sure the guy is “au naturale”, with no trace of the tongue-offending taste and texture of those chemicals we so liberally apply to our underarms.   Otherwise, it was a pretty hot experience.

Well that’s enough about my sexual misadventures….here’s another beautiful picture of Adrian:

more of Adrian at:

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