4 hot selections for your consideration…

Sometimes I can spend a good deal of time searching for some hotness that warrants reposting on my blog…and today I found 4 guys that dropped my jaw within minutes!…now if only one of these guys would take advantage of that and tickle my tonsils with their tool  :-))

So surely at least one of these selections will tickle YOUR fancy.   Let me know which one you like best (I’m truly interested):

Selection Numero Uno comes was found on the blog “Ban the Razor”,  and I can’t wait to revisit this blog to find some more furry goodness.   I’ve definitely seen cuter faces, but this guys got a bod that would make me quiver (in lots of places):


Selection 2 comes from the blog “Flesh Addicted”, and is more for those of you who appreciate basic masculinity in raw form.  A true “man’s man”.    This guy is no model, but he’s the “guy next door” type that is your guilty pleasure, especially when he’s mowing the lawn with no shirt!   I offer this selection for those awesome hairy pecs and beautiful over-sized nipples…


If you’re more turned on by a guy with beautiful eyes and bulging biceps,  feast your eyes on Selection 3 from the blog “Hot Bodz”:


The 4th and final selection comes from the blog “Tighty-Whitie Dude”.   Simply Gorgeous:


So there you have it….if you could only have one, who would it be???

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