Domination, Power, Submission and Humiliation

I came across this photo today in Facebook, and it gave me an instant boner:

I must confess to feeling a certain degree of conflict between my Sexual and Spiritual being when I become sexually-aroused by images or video depicting BDSM and Power-play scenes (like the image above).   Sexually speaking, I crave opportunities to submit to Dominance, but the question for me has always been why.

I was raised by two parents who always fostered a positive self-image, and never did anything damaging to my esteem.   It was enormously helpful to me later in life when I would have to come to terms with being Gay.

In my present and former jobs, I would consider myself to be quite assertive.  I have a reputation in my job for being quite outspoken, particularly when I disagree with a strategy or workflow.

In all aspects of public life, I advocate having self-esteem and not letting others push you around or walk over you.  Underestimate me at your own peril.

Within a purely sexual encounter, I desire an entirely different path.   I’ve always been sexually drawn to assertive and aggressive guys.  Guys who enjoy their role and enjoy taking control.  To submit to such a guy is sexually thrilling to me.

Humiliate me in public and I’ll extract revenge on you in a nano-second….but humiliate me in the bedroom and I’ll be leaking precum all over the floor.

Of course the picture here has some intriguing elements that are much more basic than the submission and humiliation depicted.  I love the standing guys hairy legs, and the kneeling guy has a gorgeous tan!

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