Nutball, I can finally say I’ve played :-P

I originally posted this pic in a blog entry from May 15 in which I stated that I was somewhat obsessed with playing a game called Nutball.   Well readers, I finally got my chance to play!  I recently had the opportunity to do an overnight business trip to Jacksonville, FL, and I ran a party ad on seeking other men interested in playing.  I had a couple of responses from guys who expressed interest, along with a couple of messages from guys curious about what Nutball was all about.  Thanks to this ad, I had a fun night with another guy who had also never played, but was a CBT enthusiast and wanted to give it a try.  He brought over a few racquetballs, and we gave it a go.  First we played in the traditional manner, and it was even more fun that I imagined it could be.  Then I suggested a variation on the manner of playing that I’ve seen on YouTube and other sites.  We stripped down and took turns trying to bounce the racquetball into each other’s ball sack, but with the target nude and on “all fours” with the cock and balls dangling and vulnerable.

Facing the opposite direction from the tosser really added quite an element of surprise that you don’t get playing in the typical way.  Each tosser got a minimum of 3 tosses to connect with the target, but once you connected you got to keep tossing until missing.   We played for several hours, and it was a blast.   Of course, I don’t expect many readers to understand how a guy can enjoy getting a ball tossed at his nuts….but we’re out there nonetheless.  I can only explain it by saying that for  some, there is a very thin line between pain and pleasure…

I will say that while I lost (the person who has to drop out of the game first is the loser),  I was very surprised to have been able to play for as long as I did, taking a quite a number of shots to my balls.  But you must also know that my opponent was a serious CBT enthusiast who was able to demonstrate a VERY high tolerance for pain that I found shocking.  He demonstrated just how tough his nuts were by asking me to squeeze them as hard as I could.  I took hold and started squeezing and he kept saying harder, Harder, HARDER.   I was squeezing this guys nuts with a level of pressure that would had most guys writhing in the floor in agony, but he loved it.

If there’s anyone reading this in Florida, and you share a desire to play this unusual game…please take a moment to use the About Me link (top right corner  of this blog’s home page) to send me a message!

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