What We’re Up Against Dept.: Plaque In The Heartland (via Superversity)

A Rabid Dog, the perfect Tea Party Mascot

“The horror is that the American public, in its anger and desperation, would choose to support these kind of puppet candidates (Christine O’Donnell). 2011 won’t just be interesting it will be stupefying as the GOP works to storm the White House and the alien known as ‘Barry’, repeal the latest legislation, gut social services, and give the fattest cats and corporations even more leverage to gain wealth at the cost of the ignorant and apathetic Average Joe. No wonder there is doubt that life will go on after December 2012.”

very well said….and this Tea Party mascot is “spot on” as the Brits like to say… I think I heard somebody characterize the prevailing mood of the country as “feel good frustration”. They’re mad as hell and they’re enjoying their turn on the Mad Hatter‘s Tea Party ride (you’ll have to have been to Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom to truly appreciate that pun). While I enjoy Fantasyland at the theme park…it isn’t a good place for our country to reside right now. Indeed it’s a Fantasy of gigantic proportions to believe that anyone on the Far Right has anything to offer that will solve any of the serious problems that we continue to face as a nation.

What We're Up Against Dept.: Plaque In The Heartland Having spent quite a bit of time in Idaho and visiting its neighboring states (Eastern Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Eastern Oregon and Northern Nevada) as well, I can tell you that progressive thinking is anathema to many of the “simple folks of the land.” If you’d like to step back a century and get a f … Read More

via Superversity

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