How many dildos am I bringing?!? (one of the most frustrating conversations I’ve ever had on Adam4Adam)

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog entry brimming with optimism about several prospects for some hot sex, one of which was a guy on Adam4Adam.   I should have known that speaking of this so optimistically before it happened was only going to jinx me, and boy did it!  None of those guys worked out…not a single one.   One of these “prospects” (who will henceforth be referred to as “hairyassboy”) engaged me in a 4-day online conversation that left me COMPLETELY frustrated.  Enough time has passed that know I can actually see the humor in this exchange of communications between two guys on very different pages (me, the guy who wanted to meet in real time for sex; and another guy, who wanted to talk a lot about it).


DAY 1:

me: You look like a lot of fun!  What type of ball play do u like?

hairyassboy: stretching, tickling, licking, massage, light pulling, seperating

me: do you like to have your balls played with while a dildo is working your hole?  😛

hairyassboy: yeah that would be hot.  what gear and toys do you have?

me: dildos, nipple clamps, I’m really good at tying up balls with cord, leather flog, paddle

hairyassboy: nice.  do you have a play room?  sling?

me: nope, afraid not, and I cannot host.

hairyassboy: thats cool.  what are you ass toys like?  how big/vibrate?

me: I have several different sizes, but none that vibrate.  What toys do you have?

hairyassboy: i dont have anything really.

me: can I see your private pic?

hairyassboy: yeah sure

me: nice ass!  Shall I bring over my toybox?  :-))

hairyassboy: sure.  so what all do you have?  can you unlock also?

me: I’ll bring everything and you can tell me what you like.

hairyassboy: how much stuff do you have?

me: or we could meet at the grocery store and you can pick pick out a nice zucchini or cucumber  :-))

hairyassboy: haha.  that would kill.  do you have thin stuff?

me: yes, I have a skinny one.

hairyassboy: cool.  so how do we do this?  do you like to edge?

me:  would love to try it.  I gotta sign out for a while to shower and let my dogs out.  Let me know where/when we should meet.

hairyassboy: ok cool.  let me figure out whats going on with my day and i’ll shoot back.

DAY 2:

me: let me know….

hairyassboy: i have to meet a friend in about an hour.  are you free late this afternoon/evening?  ive been edging myself too.  i’d like to try to do a long edging session with you.  do you like to massage?

me:  I think my best window of opportunity has past for today.  Maybe we can meet up sometime during the week?

hairyassboy: damn.  not free anymore?  the week could work.

me: I’m free tomorrow ’til about 7pm.

hairyassboy:ok cool.  wish we doing this now in the rain.

me: sorry, I gotta be somewhere at 5pm.

hryassboy: cool.  look for me tomorrow

DAY 3:

me: I misread my work schedule, today isn’t good,  what about tomorrow?

hairyassboy: tomorrow is sort of up in the air right now.  let’s touch base either later today or tomorrow afternoon.

me: thanks, give me a shout when you know what your Tuesday availability looks like…..I won’t be available after 7pm, but earlier should be fine for me.

hairyassboy: thats cool.  and same with tonight im guessing.

DAY 4:

me:  so where and when would you like to meet?

hairyassboy: you said you’re free till 7?  do you want to meet up somewhere or do it anonymous?

me: it’s your call.  If you want to meet in public first, that’s alright with me.  Otherwise I can come to you.

hairyassboy: what time is good.  do you want me ass up here?

me: how about 1pm (one hour from now)

hairyassboy: i think that’s good.  let me check on one thing.  how long do you think it will go for?

me: until you can’t stand it anymore and blow your load.  >:-))

hairyassboy: back.  ok so how is this gonna go down man?

me: I meet you at your place?

hairyassboy: yeah sure.  can u let me know how we will start?  and also how i should wait here

me: I’m really more of a spontaneous sort of guy, but if you’ve got a planned-out scene in mind, I’m all ears.  I just thought I’d come over and stroke your dick and then we could move on to some dildo play?

hairyassboy: i def think a hot setup is fun and love anonymous.  how many dildos are you bringing?

me: maybe I’ll get back to you another time….my schedule is flexible, but I do have work that has to get done, so I can’t spend an endless amount of time with sex chat.  If you decide you’d like to meet in person sometime, maybe we can just have a conversation about it, and see where that goes.

To understand how genuinely frustrating this was for me, you should understand that it generally took him a very long time to reply to most of my messages shown above.

I have actually seen hairyassboy online several times since we had this 4-day exchange of messages.  I decided to pass on making any further effort to chat with him.  I got the very definite impression that he had no real intention of meeting me….he was just going to see how long he could engage me in online sex chat.  Am I missing out on a hot sexual encounter?  I suppose that perhaps I am, but some people are just TOO MUCH WORK.

P.S.  hairyassboy is not an actual profile on Adam4Adam, but the conversation I present above is real! (Truth is stranger than fiction)

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