Remembering Yahoo 360

Yahoo 360 was my first experience with blogging.   The memory of it is distant but fond.  I will confess that it lacked a lot…for example, there wasn’t a lot of customization that could be accomplished.  I don’t think it would be unfair to call 360 a Blog Tricycle….or at best a Blog with Training wheels.  But there was something I loved about it , at least when I wasn’t infuriated with it’s limitations.   I think what I liked best about Yahoo 360 was that you could connect with other Yahoo 360 users and add them to your friends list.  It was not completely dissimilar to Facebook, but unlike Facebook you could write a real blog entry without length limitations.

Yahoo’s decision to “pull the plug” on 360 was my introduction to WordPress.   My original intent with this blog was to rescue all of my 360 posts from “digital destruction” at the hands of Yahoo’s adminisphere.  Since then my pictures and thoughts have resided in hibernation on a file on my hard drive, waiting for new life here on WordPress.  I think it’s about time to start to go through them and see what I like well enough to repost here.

Here is the first photo I posted to my Yahoo 360 blog. I couldn’t find what I actually wrote about this picture, but if my memory is accurate I think I wrote about how much I enjoy male nipples:

2 thoughts on “Remembering Yahoo 360

  1. I will not be mourning the passing of Yahoo 360. I used it with mixed results and, when I wanted to deep six my account, I found it was impossible. Which is my primary reason for not swallowing the popular Facebook drug.

    Word Press and Blogger are so superior to Yahoo 360 it is like comparing Hoover Dam to a beaver dam.

    But that lovely physique is a real keeper. It’s definitely a good thing you had the presence of mind to save what you’d put up on Yahoo 360 before it disappeared forever. By all means, continue to share more such worthwhile stored material. Please.

    • Your dam comparison is pretty accurate….I didn’t know about WordPress and Blogger when I first set up my Yahoo 360 blog. I’ll definitely cull through the saved posts and share the better ones as time permits!

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