2 thoughts on “I LOVE this book cover…

  1. Yep, it’s a cool cover.

    Now if only silver foxes weren’t a rare species. I find truly attractive older men are few and far between. It seems there are less of them every year. Lots of guys might be silver, but they look more like buffalo than foxes.

    I don’t know why it is guys over 40 give up on regular exercise and healthy nutrition, but to me there is nothing less attractive than a man who has overindulged so much he looks like he swallowed a pillow and his complexion is a sallow as his hair is gray. Laugh lines are very sexy. Plowed furrows and flabby folds are not.

    Yes, I realize that gay guys have frequently unrealistic expectations of physical beauty and none of us are perfect, but it would be very cool if more of us kept up daily maintenance and grew old more gracefully. Not every man is supposed to be a full-sized bear. Big bears have shorter lives.

    Let’s hear it for more silver foxes and future silver foxes.

    • I do agree with you that too many people “let themselves go”, but at the same time I have to admit that sometimes I find myself thinking “what’s the point?” I know this sounds “whiney”, but I feel that I fall into some sort of netherland where I’m not muscular enough for the gym rats, not fat enough for the chasers, not hairy enough for the bears, too hairy and old for the twinks, and not old enough for the guys who are looking for a Daddy. It can truly feel quite frustrating, and I wonder “why bother?” Maybe if I watch my calories and try to stay toned, I’ll wake up one day and find I have evolved into the desirable “Silver Fox”.

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