Arrogance…it’s so “not pretty”

You have to wonder what some people are thinking when they write profiles that are this arrogant….I’d love to know how many people are encouraged to chat with him after reading this one

This kind of cockiness might be more expected from one of those Grindr guys who looks like a model, but at the risk of sounding mean, this guy didn’t have the looks to back up the ‘tude.

2 thoughts on “Arrogance…it’s so “not pretty”

  1. Until I started reading your blog I had never heard of Grindr. Now, after reading multiple posts regarding your adventures using the service I am just as happy to pass on it completely. Of course, where i live it might have little value to begin with.

    The quality of people you come in contact with on Grindr leaves a tremendous amount to be desired. What a pity this fellow is so poorly evolved that the best he could come up with for a personal description is that negative statement. At least he has done nice guys everywhere a service by revealing what a jerk he is up front and center. Now everyone knows the real reason why not to waste their time on him.

    And you, my friend, might consider ditching Grindr, too. Especially, if the best you can hope for is the likes of him. Yuck!

    • I realize in reading your comment that I have focused almost exclusively on the negative experiences with Grindr in my blog posts. I have actually had some interesting chat sessions with clever, funny, and likable guys. Unfortunately they are more the exception than the norm, but there nonetheless. I’ve just learned not to expect much from Grindr guys, especially the twenty-somethings. But even amongst the younger users there have been guys that were enjoyable chat participants. I do also get some good material for my blog from Gindr from time-to-time, and therein lies my second reason for keeping the app. I encourage everyone to try things for themselves, who knows, perhaps guys might be a little nicer in your corner of the world!

      Thanks for your readership of my blog…seeing comments on my blog posts is like getting an extra spoonful of crushed Oreo cookies on my bowl of ice cream!!

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