One for the “you look ridiculous” file…

What can I say,  I’m twisted.   I’ve always been aroused by seeing guys in humiliating situations.   Imagine for a moment that you could pick anybody in the world and make them wear this underwear….for a day….in public.

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More styles at His Trunks.

2 thoughts on “One for the “you look ridiculous” file…

  1. Over the years I’ve seen my share of tasteless clothing but this gives anything else a real run for the money in the stupid derby.

    The suit is obviously meant for kinky role playing. Iif anyone gave you this to wear you’d know straight away they didn’t have your best interests at heart. This is definitely humiliation wear.

    I was thinking I’d like to see Rush Limbaugh in this outfit, but he’s already so much of a sorry clown it would be overkill.

    • you make a good point….I should add “Humiliated” to my tags for this post….because that’s exactly how I’d probably feel if I wore these!

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