“must have” apps: Squeeze It

Do you like to twist and contort pics from your photo library? Of course you do, and here’s a great free app for that very purpose: Squeeze It. And you can take this app to a new level of fun with profile pics of rude people on Grindr. In this post I use Squeeze It on a guy who committed not just one of my pet peeves, but two. I sent him a message saying “hi”, and he sends me the following reply “pics? stats?”, and that leads me to….
Pet Peeve #1: People who demand pics or stats from you before they can even say “hi”. Honestly, I’d rather somebody not reply at all!
I’m going to confess now to being one of those “headless torsos” on Grindr you see quite often. Great for you if you are comfortable enough to put your face pic out there, but my privacy needs dictate being a headless torso, at least for this stage in life. But I’m not ashamed of my face, and if I’m interested in someone, I’m glad to share it in private chat.
Against my better judgement, I sent a face pic to “Masculine Man”, with my height and waist measurements. (Yes, I know, I’m an idiot to even make contact with somebody touting their own masculinity in their profile name. What’s next, some kind of certification process whereby we can all seek to be USDA-approved “Masculine Men”. And another thing, if you have tell people you’re a “masculine man”, you probably aren’t as masculine as you think you are.)
Well to no surprise, he did not have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of the requested pic, which is Pet Peeve #2.
I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: If you ask someone for a pic, and they send it, you should at minimum let them know you received it. If I requested a pic from somebody, and then was not interested in pursuing further conversation, I’d reply with “got it, Thanks”. Trust me, that’s far less rude than no response or acknowledgement.

So for all the rude, self-annointed “masculine men” out there in Grindr world, I say “Your head and your ego are too big for your body”:

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