Time for a “wePhone”? (via pretty/curious)

There was so much in this blog entry to agree with, especially the following paragraph:
“We have never been more connected or more lonely. We have never been so wealthy and yet yearned for so much we don’t yet have. We are so far from where we started, few of us even know when, why or how individualism came into its own, let alone what we gave up for it.”

Things have changed so much since I was a young man, both within the gay community, and within society at large. I think we all (I must include myself) spend too much time “hiding” behind electronic facades. First it was e-mail, then it was My Space / Facebook, then texting. We spend too much time with electronic communication, and not enough time being with people in real time and space. In that respect, I very much miss the “good ole days”.

Time for a "wePhone"? Prince Charles doesn’t like how things are going. We are a rapidly growing population,* and he believes that, if the West has its way, that growth will mean more “soulless consumerism” that lies at the core of our “deep, inner crisis of the soul.” It’s hard to argue against that. We do, after all, live in a time when thousands will line up to preorder the latest gadget but balk at the idea of gathering in a public place to protest an unjust war. … Read More

via pretty/curious

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