App reviews: Quickpic and Lego

Yesterday I downloaded free app Quickpic, mainly because it is the only way to upload a new photo from your Itouch/Iphone to Adam4Adam’s mobile site. I’m so glad I did, because it makes sending photos via email easier than ever.

Lego is a free app that turns photos from your library into colorful “Lego” mosaics. It works best on face portraits, but it can be interesting to try on other photos:

I would really like to play with this guy’s Lego:

In case you are wondering, I used my fav drawing app SketchBookX to layer the Lego mosaic over the original, then erased some of the Lego Layer to reveal part of the original photo.

Sent from my iTouch.

2 thoughts on “App reviews: Quickpic and Lego

  1. do you have a problem viewing adam4adam on your iphone? I have a 3gs and when i use adam4adam i can only see the main pic on the profile and when i press the other buttons to view the other pics they do not work. i have tried using adam4adam regular site and the mobile m.adam4adam and have the same problem.

    • I haven’t experienced that problem…I’ve always been able to view profile pics on my ipod Touch. It has worked both on their mobile site and their full site.

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