App Review: BoyAhoy, the OTHER Grindr?

I’d seen BoyAhoy in the app store quite long ago, but did not download it because the reviews were not “glowing”.  That was long before I first noticed Grindr.   I probably would never have taken a second look at this app, but I reconsidered it with the promise of free “fishbucks” to spend in Tapfish.   Quite odd that this app would be promoted in that manner, but it worked for me.   With low expectations, I downloaded the app and decided to give it a try.

I must give high marks to the functionality of this well-crafted app. There are two ways you can look at the other users, List view and Gallery view:

Gallery View

List View










In either view you can easily see who is online, but List view let’s you also see the distance to your prospective prey/buddy/date – depending on your intentions in using this app 😉

One GREAT advantage this app offers relative to Grindr is that your chats with other users are stored and easily found for later reference by pressing the “My Chats” key on the main navigation screen. This is noteworthy considering the difficulty I’ve had in Grindr finding a person I’ve chatted with when I forgot to mark him as a Favorite.

Another feature I like is the “wink” button, so you can express interest without a great investment of time in composing a witty message.

My comparisons of this app to Grindr are mainly because of the popularity of the later, my guess would be that Grindr is the most popular app of it’s type used on mobile devices.  In functionality, I find this app more similar to Gd – Gay Men’s Social Network (which I reviewed in a prior Blog Entry). 

[As a side note, I was very close to deleting the Gd app yesterday because it just hasn’t produced any opportunities for me, despite that I created a profile on it several weeks ago.  When I clicked on “Delete My Account” button, it told me that if I deleted my account, I would not be able to create a new one in 3 months.  Wow, do you think they’re trying to keep people from doing this?!?!?   I decided to hold off on the decision to delete until I have another chance to try it in different city during my business travel. ]

The next screenshot I include for two reasons.  First, to show how photos can be viewed in BoyAhoy, which allows you to upload up to 4 for your profile.  The second reason for the next screenshot is to show my readers one of the most ridiculous profile photos I’ve ever seen:

Uh, do you think it's really smart to make plans to meet THIS guy...

Holy Crap!!!  the guy posts a picture with his head covered like a burgler and he’s got a handgun!  Oh yeah, I feel comfortable giving HIM my address and phone number….    I wouldn’t even make plans to meet this guy at a coffee shop in broad daylight!! 

Of course, I realize that the REALLY dangerous person probably posts a picture that looks perfectly harmless….let’s face it, everyone would be wise to keep their first meetings with strangers limited to a very crowded and well-lit public place.  You can NEVER be too careful. 

You can also view and make comments on other user’s photos, which is both interesting and fun.  (I decided to make no comment on the photo featured above, apparently the Dude has a GUN and lives in my neighborhood!!!)

My final assessment of BoyAhoy……it’s a good app that is worth trying in your own location. 

Comments on this app, Grindr, or other similar apps are not only welcome, but encouraged!

4 thoughts on “App Review: BoyAhoy, the OTHER Grindr?

    • BoyAhoy appears to use the Iphone/Itouch GPS feature just like Grindr does for determining your location, there isn’t anywhere I can find in the app that allows you to enter a location manually. If you want to be able to manually enter your location, or cruise guys in a location that you specify, I recommend trying the mobile Adam4Adam website ( You can read my review of the mobile Adam4Adam website in my blog entry titled Mobile Adam4Adam site VS. Grindr App for Cruising with your mobile device

  1. This post still gets a lot of traffic on my blog, but I lost interest in it and deleted it from my iTouch quite a long time ago. Scruff and Grindr seem to have won the popularity wars with this type of app, and I found myself always using them instead of this one. Would love to hear from anyone that has actually met anyone using this app.

  2. Boyahoy is the favourite app of this genre for me. Grindr is the poor cousin of this family of apps supporting only one profile picture and having no way to find old messages. (Oh and the moderators are dicks.) Scruff is fine but Boyahoy is the easiest to use for me and the one I’ve met most people from.

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