Online nuts and flakes…

I’m back on the road for a short business trip, and trying the usual outlets to find a little fun for the evening.   I decided to check the crowd early in the evening.   First I tried Grindr, but something seemed to be awry with their servers because nothing would load.  Next I tried the Gd app (Gay Men’s Social Network), and found nothing of  interest there.  So next stop was   Within no time, I was getting messages fast and furious.  I guess it’s the advantage of being “new meat”. 

A guy much younger than the ones I usually end up chatting with messages me and we quickly stumble across some shared sex interests, and he says he wants to get together.   I give him my cell number, and he says he’ll call when he leaves his place, he wants to get together around 8:30pm.   Perfect…gives me just enough time to grab some dinner, and make a quick stop at the Grocery to get some beer.   I get back to my room, and turn on American Idol (I thought Lee had the momentum to win this, but Crystal kinda showed him up tonight, but that’s too far off my topic for this post).  8:30pm comes and goes, and at 9pm, I’m thinking I might as well get out the laptop and at least get some productive work done.  I check back in with Adam4Adam a little past 11pm, and I see the guy that stood me up online.  I message him asking him what happened (I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt), and get no reply.  I think what I find most frustrating is that I turned down another rather hot guy because of this jerk, and he doesn’t even have the courtesy to reply with a lame excuse, or at least with a “Sorry, I got cold feet and changed my mind”.  

Where is the f-ing civility??!??

I guess the reason he didn’t reply is that he knew he was a shameless loser and his behavior was inexcusable.

I guess I can only hope that somebody will jerk him around just as badly, and believe me it’s likely to happen in this town…

OK, enough ranting about that. 

I have to share what I think is just about the funniest picture I’ve ever seen in an online profile:

The joke starts like this... "A toothbrush, a camera, and pair of butt cheeks walks up to the bar...."

What the hell is up with the toothbrush in this shot?!?!?  I thought about inserting a “speech bubble” for the toothbrush to be saying something to the butt, but I wasn’t sure what the toothbrush would be saying.   If you think of something clever, put it in a comment to this post.

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