Digital Art du Jour:

Today I decided I have way too many apps on my Itouch, and I need to scale down and simplify.  Some apps were easy to delete, but I was on the fence with others.  One of the apps I was not sure about keeping was one called Glowing Art.   It’s a free app in which you can select from several unique brush types, and paint glowing lines on a black background.  You can produce some fairly interesting abstract stuff with it, but I tend to prefer drawing apps that can be used to draw things that can actually be recognized.

I decided to give it one last use before I deleted it, and after a lot of experimenting I came up with the piece shown above.

Then I decided to layer my newly created art over a nude hunk pic I had in my photo library, and I came up with the pic below:

Mardi Gras King

The next step in my artistic journey was to use the Kaleidoscope filter from FlexPhotoLab (a free app from Ford they developed to promote Flex) on my digital art.  The end result was this:

Then of course, I had to try layering this over the same hunk:

I went a couple of steps further… but that crosses the nudity boundary, so provided that

  • you are above the age of 18, and
  • you are certain that seeing a penis is not going to violate the community standard where you live, offend you in some manner, or scar you for life

I invite you to view those pics by clicking the links below:

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