hunk du jour

I’m particularly hot over today’s find from the blog (don’t you just love that blog name, I think it’s super clever, pun intended!)   This guy’s nipples look so incredibily kissable, lickable, and pinchable.  I’d like to see if his nips are “hard-wired” to his cock.  As you can see, there’s also something here for you Ab muscle fans:

Oh, to get my tongue on those nipples!

There is a lot to check out on this blog, and I look forward to visiting it again soon!

One thought on “hunk du jour

  1. Wow, all those kind words and it was a wild stroke of luck that combining the words ‘super’ and ‘university’ added up to superversity. I had meant it to describe the superhero universe and be a name for educating people about superheroes and masculine beauty. Happily enough, the name has taken on a life of its own.

    And, yes, this fellow is all around sensational.

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