Droid Incredible – giving the Iphone a run for its money?

Here’s an interesting article on Yahoo today in which a user compares the Droid Incredible with the Iphone:

giving-the-iphone-a-run-for-its-money: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance.

I don’t have the Iphone personally, I have an work-issued cell phone on which I’m allowed to make personal calls that costs me nothing.  A trooper of a phone, but in the world of today’s devices I think it would have to be called an antique.  It’s a chunky, candy bar-shaped phone that doesn’t fit very well in a pocket, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped it and it just won’t break.  It is truly the “Sherman Tank” of cell phones.

But it works and costs me nothing, so I can take the derision of friends who have “cooler” devices.   I have the Itouch to prove that I am trendier than the average forty-something man, even if I’m NOT as in vogue as the average forty-something GAY man.

Even if I were in the market for a new mobile device,  I’m not sure I would choose a Droid over the Iphone.    What I have come to love and adore about my Itouch is the universe of Apps I can use, and while I know there are Apps available for Droid, I think it’s going to take a long time before Droid users have a comparable offering of Apps (if ever).

It sounds like the main source of user dissatisfaction with Iphone is being forced into a contract with AT&T as the only available service provider.  I’ve never had AT&T for cell service, so I can’t speak personally to the quality of their service, but they seem to have no shortage of detractors.

Perhaps one needs both a Droid phone and an Itouch to be completely happy?

I won’t get to find out for myself,  I’ve just received news that the employer is replacing all of our cell phones with Blackberries.

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