App Review: Gay Men’s Social Network aka Gd

Developer: “This app has just launched in this January, so there may not be a lot of guys near you yet. Please bear with me on this! I’m hoping time will solve the issue. Also, I intend to continue improving this app, so please keep an eye on it!….Also, if you like my app, please consider upgrading to the ad free edition.
Your support is very much appreciated.


Facebook Page:

This is not me, but I wouldn't mind "borrowing" his body!

My Review:
In my first use of this app I thought to myself  “this is going to be very stiff competition for Grindr.”  The profile format in Gd is superior to Grindr, and gives you a much better feel for who you are cruising:

Each user can put 3 pics on their profile. What I especially like is that you can tap any of the profile pics to see it fullscreen without the profile text in the way.

You have two ways you can view other users, List and Grid. Grid is the most similar to the look of Grindr, but List shows the distances to other users (lowest increment is “less than 1 mile”). You aren’t going to be able to tell if somebody is in the same room with you as in Grindr, but in my opinion having distance in miles is adequate.

Here is a screenshot of Grid view:

Here is List view:

You also have capability to store Private pics and choose to share them with specific members.

As in Grindr, you can change your profile including your name on the fly…very handy if you’re interests are as varied as mine (some days I want to give Oral, other days I want a bad Jock to spank and wank 😉  ).

From my first use of this app, I immediately noticed a lot of “familiar pics” that I recognized from Grindr, so it appears that a lot of the locals in my home city have already discovered the app and are giving it a try.

There is also a Filter feature where you can specify the age range you are seeking, and specify what races you are interested in viewing.

In summary, I give this app 5 out of 5 stars for design and functionality.  What I cannot figure out is why the folks using Grindr seem to be significantly friendlier than Gd, at least thus far in my sampling of both apps.  Gd really is the better designed App, in my opinion, but perhaps it has more to do with the momentum of being first.  I guess only time will tell if Gd can overtake Grindr’s popularity in the Gay Social Networking category of Apps.

Here are a couple of local hotties I found on Gd. Overall, it seems to me that the Gd users put a little more effort into photo selection, selecting more appealing pics than the typical “shot in front of your bathroom mirror with your phone” look that Grindr users seem to overwhelmingly favor:

I chatted with this guy once on Grindr, I wish I could say he was as personable as he is good-looking....maybe he was just having a bad day.

2 thoughts on “App Review: Gay Men’s Social Network aka Gd

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