My pornographic thought for the day

Say Ahhhhh

I like the feeling of his hand on the back of my head, pushing, gently at first, becoming more forceful. The warm shaft slides in and out, his hips generating powerful thrusts. My mouth, invaded by a welcome intruder, at first tense, relaxes to yield. I feel a brief panic as the shaft expands, restricting my airflow. I try to pull back, but the hand of the invader pushes down, demanding my surrender. I relax to accept his direction. The speed of the thrusts increase, becoming rapid. My lips tighten to feel his girth. He moans, then convulses. I feel the familiar warmth I crave. I look up into his eyes to see an expression of deep contentment. I smile, proud of a job well done.

Author: Me 🙂

One thing I love about my Itouch is that I always have something to do as long as I have it with me.   I wrote the above homoerotic prose while sitting on a bench… a park that is famous for cruising.    I hadn’t gone to the park for the purpose of sitting on a bench and writing a blog entry, but upon my arrival, and much to my dismay, I recognized a vehicle in the parking area. It belongs to a guy that I’ve run into several times.   He’s quite unappealing [to me, I realize that everyone has their own taste, and ‘m sure there’s somebody out there who considers him hot, it just ain’t me], and unfortunately anytime he has spotted me, he has made the most forward verbal advances that it makes me very uncomfortable.   Having already traveled the distance to get there,  I decided to be optimistic and see if I could avoid him and hopefully he would achieve his goal for being there quickly and then leave the park in my capable custody.  I know where he likes to hang out (Pavilion nearest the area where guys leave the official paths and follow little foot trails through the woods…), so I went to the opposite side of the park where I had a good view of the parking lot.  I hoped that I would be seeing his vehicle exit soon.  Regrettably, that was not the case, but I did put the time to good use by composing the prose for this blog entry.   I did enjoy writing it.

In case you are wondering, the picture for this entry was made with two apps.  First I used the Negative filter from the app “Photo Daily”, then I used the app “Puri Lite” to add the text.  I think the original pic was just something one of my friends had e-mailed me.

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