One of the best blogs I’ve read: Fun in my socks

Have you ever read the work of somebody else and identified with it so strongly, that you thought how did this guy get into my head! This entry really made me think that:

Aroused by the male face in anguish « fun in my socks.

In the above-referenced entry, the blogger writes about being aroused by the expression of anguish on a male’s face,  particularly while being penetrated by another guy in a forceful manner.

Surprise, it's a really big one!

I have to confess to also be aroused by that type of scene.   Being aroused or fascinated with something of this nature can definitely leave one feeling quite deviant.  I think my fascination with forceful, aggressive sex is rooted in the anti-sexual teachings of my Southern Baptist upbringing. All living creatures are sexual, and the drive for sex is powerful in all forms in life. Obviously this is part of our design, and yet so many religions seek to make us ashamed of our sexuality. I have pondered if that is why I often fantasize about being taken aggressively or forced into sexual submission.  A “victim” cannot be blamed or considered sinful for being an “unwilling” participant in sex. I think that in my part it is a desire to have it both ways….that is, to be a participant in sex without “sinning”.

On a more humorous note, I once confided in a friend that I had fantasized about being raped on more than one occasion. In reply, he quipped, “…you cannot rape the willing”.

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