Sometimes the old ways are best.

Today I found myself with some free time in between work appointments, so I visited one of the cruisier parks in the area. Upon my arrival, there wasn’t anyone I found attractive, but I had over an hour to kill, so I decided to stay. After walking the trails, I decided to rest on a picnic table and downsize my Itouch photo album. I came across this picture.

Love his body, but something seemed missing. I decided I’d like to see how he’d look with a goatee and thicker hair, so I used my SketchBook app to add them:

Much better, don’t you think?

Then I killed some time playing around with different filters from a variety of photo manipulation apps:

I had just decided to give up on cruising the park and had put my Itouch in the pocket and headed for my car. At this moment, I see a good-looking guy headed my way. Gee, he looks kinda familiar, I’m thinking to myself, and as he gets nearer I realize he’s the same guy I’ve blown at this park TWO times before. In fact, he’s the ONLY guy I’ve blown at this particular park. I follow him down the nature trail, and into the woods. My heart is pounding with the anticipation of pleasuring him. He’s such a fun guy to suck. No Drama. No wasting an hour or longer on the Internet with back-and-forth chatter. No endless negotiations about who will do what to whom and how. I simply follow him to a private spot, he unzips his pants and whips it out. I suck him while he listens to his music player. Gloriously simple. Incredibly hot. He moans with pleasure and then drops his load down my throat while I jerk myself off. Sometimes the old ways really are the best!

I guess I do have to give some credit to my Itouch, even though it wasn’t Grindr that got me off today…it helped me pass just enough time until the fun arrived…

2 thoughts on “Sometimes the old ways are best.

  1. Hey, Your comments on my blog helped me find yours. I really enjoyed this post. Let’s hear it for the old-fashioned low-tech way of meeting real human beings in person. Although listening to the music player while getting blown was sort of a modern hi-tech addition to the story, and actually kind of hot.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    • Thanks Fox. I really appreciate your comment. I look forward to following your blog, I think we have a lot in common!

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