Hunks du Jour

I hadn’t opened this app in weeks, and was amazed with all the great eye-candy they’ve featured lately. What a shame this one was pulled from the App store (I did a search in the App store today and confirmed that the “Hunk du Jour” app is not there). I’m just glad I got my copy before it was pulled. It still works beautifully! There are some names I recognized in this bunch. Will Wikle (img 0814) was an openly gay contestant on the CBS Reality show “Big Brother”. Jessie Pavelka (img 0810) was featured in two of my prior blog entries ( and Enjoy the view:

2 thoughts on “Hunks du Jour

    • Your welcome. Thanks for your comment. The app is based on an excellent website by the same name (, so just add that to your favorites and “viola”. BTW, if you like my blog, I could really use your vote….click on the “Best Male Blogs” link and give me a favorable review! Thanks!

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