Feeding my lamest addiction

Previously I’ve posted about my Tap Fish addiction, but now my problem has been made so much worse by their latest App update, which has added lots more fish to their store. Of course some fish require FishBucks instead of coins. Unlike coins, which can be earned in the course of normal game play, FishBucks must either be purchased or earned by downloading other apps. I can at least say that I have not spent any “real” money in pursuit of Fishbucks. There is something about spending real money for virtual merchandise that I find COMPLETELY crazy. I will be in danger, however, if they start selling Sexy Mermen in the “store”.

I have earned some Fishbucks by trying out some recommended apps that happened to be free, and some of them have actually been pretty good ones. One that I downloaded this morning promises to exercise your brain (Brain Trainer). It’s actually rather interesting, and I’d recommend trying it even if you don’t need the FishBucks 😛

Brain Trainer

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