Homage for the “Average Guy”

I’ve been thinking lately that for a blog I’ve named “Furry Friends Den”,  I don’t really post pictures of “furry” guys as often as I should.  I’m going to try to remedy that with this post.  Here’s a picture I came across somewhere on the internet several years ago,  and saved to my digital collection of “guys who appeal to me”.  There is nothing “modelesque” about this guy.  He looks like he eats when and what he wants without regard to fat content.  I actually find myself very attracted to guys who carry some extra pounds and inches.  I’ve been with more than a few, and can attest to how cuddly and sexy they can be in the sack!  Also appealing to me is the goatee.  For me, a guy simply can’t go wrong with one unless he does not keep it trimmed/groomed (like Brad Pitt).

Bearish Fireman

I don’t know who this is, who took the picture, or even where it was taken.  The background looks like South Market area of San Francisco…perhaps this was taken at one of their annual street fairs like “Up Your Alley”?

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