Modern Era Gladiator and on-the-road cruising.

Hello readers. Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a few days, just got back from a short business trip. Between work, Tapfish, and chatting up guys on Grindr and Mobile Adam4Adam, I didn’t have the time for posting to the Den. I decided I needed to end the drought on blog posts and found this hot hunk to share:

Modern Era Gladiator

When I saw this pic in Flickr (uploaded by peterpeter5), the first thought that popped into my head was Gladiator. I can tell you I would be an avid Football fan if all the players ditched the jerseys and this was the standard uniform. Think of how the viewership of football on TV would swell!

In the last 3 days I put the Mobile Adam4Adam site in a repeat, head-to-head competition with Grindr for finding me some hot fun, and I threw Craigslist into the competition. This time both the Mobile Adam4Adam site and Grindr presented opportunities, but I’d have to say that the opportunities presented by Adam4Adam were more tempting. I “favorited” guys in both applications for future consideration! I actually jerked-off in the shower with the mental image I had after exchanging messages with a guy in Adam4Adam, a twenty-something who wanted to bring his partner over to take turns “Topping” me. I decided that I wasn’t feeling sufficiently “slutty” for that kind of adventure on this trip, but you never know how you might feel in the future. Fear of STDs also plays a big role in keeping me from acting on all of my fantasies and desires….as much as I’d like to get f*cked by two twenty-something Latin hotties, I’m trying to stick to safer options for releasing sexual tension. Of course if I ever decide to bottom for anyone, use of condoms will be a requirement!!!

Speaking of safer options, I ran a very specialized ad in Craigslist to satisfy a foot-fetish interest with a jock-type. I got one reply from a guy who seemed to be a good match, so I asked him for some sort of a picture so I could get a feel for whether or not I would find him physically attractive. He said there are too many “picture collectors” on Craigslist, and I thought to myself he must look like Shrek if he won’t share any sort of a picture with me. Attempting accommodation, I suggested he give me the name of a famous person he resembles with some detailed stats/measurements. He told me he looked a little like Ben Affleck, but with a football-player build (could be really fat I’m thinking to myself at this point). I gave him my cell phone number and never hear from him. Craigslist flake #1.

Craigslist Flake #2:  I responded to another guy’s Craigslist ad.   He promises to send a cell phone pic and never does.   I had told him I was in town for two nights.  The morning after my first night in town he sends an email apologizing for not contacting me (he ended up partying at a bar ’til 1am), but saying he should be available after 8pm.  I reply advising I look forward to getting his email and pic.  I get a message from him late in the evening saying dinner with friends ran late, he’s feeling “tipsy”, asking what am I “up to”.   Alcoholic? probably.  Flake? definitely!  DELETE!

This isn’t the first time I’ve been rather annoyed with the types of guys you find with Craigslist.   The previous time I used Craigslist for a “Casual Encounters” listing I got very excited with an exchange of messages with a bisexual guy who is physically perfect for me.

Beefy Bisexual Muscle Bear

We exchanged e-mails for about an hour, navigating exchange of pictures and all the other usual concerns about compatibility.  I think everything is going well and then it happens:  he starts to backpedal.  I can accept that sometimes after the flirting one can get “cold feet” about something that seemed like a good idea at the start.  That doesn’t annoy me because I’ve been there myself.  When I suggest getting together later in the evening, he replies saying he’s sorry for wasting my time, but he can only meet somebody during the day.  I told him that wasn’t going to be an option for me due to a full work schedule.  That’s pretty much where we left it.  I decided to consider the possibility that perhaps he was not bullshitting me, and had a genuine interest that would justify having consumed an hour of my time, and saved his e-mail for future contact.   Prior to this most recent business trip, I sent him an e-mail advising I was going to be in his town, reminded him of our exchange, and asked if he was interested.  He says it all sounds great and asks for my pics (again).   I reply with the same pics I previously provided.   I hear nothing from him (he doesn’t even acknowledge receiving the pics).  FLAKE!

This is one of my pet peeves about any kind of internet cruising.  Anytime I’ve ever asked somebody for their pic, I at least acknowledge receiving it and thank them for their response.  I usually try to find something pleasant to say about the pic (nice smile, I like your shirt, great arms), even if I don’t find the person to be what I was expecting.  I think that’s far more polite than abruptly terminating all communications with the person.

Oh well, at least I “struck-out”  from the comfort of my hotel room, rather than wasting money on drinks at the local bar…

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